Еthics Policy

Our principles have always revolved around safeguarding our sources, upholding journalistic integrity, and providing our readers with the information they need for well-informed decisions. These principles are strictly adhered to by all members of our editorial team.

Editorial independence

We maintain an unwavering commitment to reporting stories without bias or influence, ensuring our content aligns with our research and judgment. Our reporters are prohibited from covering businesses in which they hold financial or other conflicting interests.

Any articles discussing upcoming products, projections, forecasts, or leaks will be transparently labeled and tagged to indicate their level of credibility. We may receive review samples from manufacturers for testing purposes, but these requests will be disclosed in the review’s introduction and will not impact the publication’s findings or conclusions.

Sponsored content, if ever presented, will be clearly marked as such and accompanied by an “Ethics disclaimer” to inform users that the content was not produced internally.

Verification of facts

Each article undergoes a rigorous fact-checking process, known as the “four-eyes” review, where at least two senior staff members thoroughly assess the story before publication. We strive to verify all claims made in articles covering projections, upcoming products, forecasts, or leaks.

Protecting sources

Our employees frequently engage with industry sources, whether named or anonymous. To safeguard their privacy and the confidentiality of their discussions, we adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs). Any agreement to keep a source anonymous will be upheld, regardless of whether the conversation occurred “on background,” “off the record,” or “on the record.”

Standards of Professional Conduct

The editorial staff at SSMN LTD. is dedicated to pursuing truth, preserving source confidentiality, minimizing harm to all parties, and ensuring the highest level of accuracy in our work.

Personal Investing

While we permit reporters to invest in companies they believe in, any such interests (or future interests occurring within 30 days) must be transparently disclosed in every publication related to the respective company. Declarations and disclosures of potential interests will also be included in the content.

Edits and Updates

If any errors are identified in a publication, we promptly rectify them or provide updates. Corrections or updates are clearly indicated at the beginning of the article, including the time of the amendment. We may replace the relevant content with a revised version, with all edits logged in the corrections log.

We retain the right to incorporate relevant updates into published articles without further notice, provided they do not alter the original argument.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to remove any material if it violates intellectual property rights or if we receive a DMCA takedown notice.

Should you have inquiries or concerns about our Ethics Policy, please reach out to us at contact@mac360.com. Your feedback is important to us.






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