Enshrouded Base locations

Best Base Locations In Enshrouded

Looking to kickstart your adventure with the best base location in Enshrouded? In this guide, we’ll highlight the top four early base locations that offer not only safety and security but also efficiency in leveling up your character. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, choosing the right base location can make all the difference in your journey through Enshrouded’s unforgiving landscapes. So, let’s explore the optimal spots to establish your base.

Best Enshrouded Base Locations For Beginners

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of options for base location in Enshrouded, fear not, for we’ve compiled this guide to help you navigate the terrain and find the Best Enshrouded Base location to call home. Here is our pick for top base locations Enshrouded has to offer:

1 Mining Base

This spot is perfect for setting up a serene camp nestled between towering cliffs, with shimmering mining nodes awaiting your discovery. Located north of Vukah Ceremony Hill, this mining paradise boasts abundant reserves of Flint and Salt, which are essential resources for your survival.

Surrounding your base are expansive stretches of the Shroud that offer both challenge and opportunity. But you should not fear, because a nearby Elixir Well on the eastern front provides respite and replenishment in your battles against the darkness.

2 Archers’ Haven

The Small Flint Mine attracts with its promise of endless Flint, which is a bowman’s dream come true. If you set your base there, you can craft arrows to your heart’s content as you fend off adversaries drawn to your place. Positioned strategically amidst the chaos of combat, your base stands resilient against the encroaching Shroud to the north. Further south lies Rookmore, a treasure trove of Metal Scraps and XP for those bold enough to venture forth.

3 Warriors’ Stronghold

South of Ferndale is a combat-heavy location, where warriors and scavengers await your challenge. If you set your base there, you can engage in fierce combat against formidable foes, hone your skills and reap the rewards of victory. If you look on the west, you will find a land teeming with opportunity. The Critter Nest, Egerton Salt Mines, and Shroud Root offer both challenge and easier to defeat enemies.

4 Goldmine Of Valuable Resources

Fort Kelvin is a perfect location for a base situated right in the middle of Springlands and Revelwood. Despite being home to the troublesome Vukah, it’s a smart choice for your base. Clearing out these pests might be a hassle, but it’s totally worth it. The Springlands Fort Kelvin already has buildings set up, which makes it ideal for setting up a Flame Altar.

Additionally, it’s a goldmine of valuable resources like Wax, Resin, and Animal Fur. You might even stumble upon weapons in chests scattered around. Keep an eye out for wolves roaming the area, as they’ll provide you with bones and fur for crafting. Plus, it’s conveniently located near the Pillars of Creation, which lead to Nomad Highlands, and it’s surrounded by two Flame Sanctums and two Flame Shrines.

Best Enshrouded Base Locations For Beginners
Best Enshrouded Base Locations For Beginners

Enshrouded Best Base Location Tips

As you see, choosing the Enshrouded best base location is crucial for your early game progress. But if you are still hesitating where to set your camp, here are some useful tips to help you find the ideal spot to call home.

1. Look for elevated terrain:

  • Building your base on elevated terrain not only offers breathtaking views but also provides strategic advantages. With the ability to glide swiftly from your lofty abode, you’ll navigate the terrain with unparalleled speed and grace, leaving your competitors in awe.

2. Stay close to resources:

  • In the world of Enshrouded having access to enough of resources determines your success and progression in the game. Mining nodes, shimmering with precious minerals, are your gateway to wealth and power. By strategically positioning your base near these bountiful hotspots, you’ll gain access to invaluable resources like Flint and Metal Scraps, fueling your journey towards greatness.

3. Embrace the Call of Battle:

  • Setting up camp near combat hotspots ensures a steady stream of foes ripe for the taking. Engage in exhilarating battles, hone your skills and collect the rewards. From slaying fearsome creatures to vanquishing rival factions, each triumph brings you one step closer to becoming a legend in Enshrouded.


As you think about where to set up your first base in Enshrouded, remember that it’s just the beginning of your adventure. In this game, being able to adjust to different situations is really important, and as you get stronger, you’ll want your base to grow with you.

Don’t worry too much about moving your base later on. Many experienced players create multiple fast travel points across the map. Enjoy the journey of exploring Enshrouded and let your base show how much you’ve grown and what you aspire to achieve.






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