How to make Fabric

Enshrouded Fabric – How To Make It

Mastering the ways of making Enshrouded Fabric is essential for adventurers looking to thrive in the game’s challenging environments. In this guide, we’ll explain the methods and steps required to create this valuable material, so players can excel in their endeavors within Enshrouded’s captivating universe.

Enshrouded Yellow Fabric: Weaving Warmth and Elegance

Enshrouded Yellow Fabric is a coveted material that stands out, casting a warm and elegant glow across the land. To obtain it, you need to embark on a special journey that starts with a visit to the Hunter at your base camp. They hold the key to crafting Yellow Fabric, which is a process that requires two essential ingredients: Fabric and Saffron.

The first ingredient, Fabric, can be crafted with the Loom, a valuable tool provided by the Hunter after completing the Loom For The Hunter quest. Once you’ve set up your loom at the base, crafting Fabric from Linen becomes a simple task. But the journey doesn’t end there.

The other ingredient, Saffron, grows exclusively in the Kindlewastes region, which is a perilous land to the east beyond Umber Hollow. To get it, you need to go to this location, gather the precious Saffron, and return to cultivate it using the Farmer’s Seedbed at your base. With both Fabric and Saffron in hand, return to the Hunter to craft as much Enshrouded Yellow Fabric as you want and use it to decorate your base or armor sets.

Enshrouded Yellow Fabric
Enshrouded Yellow Fabric

How To Get Fabric in Enshrouded

As you have probably figured out already, Fabric is a precious material sought after by adventurers in Enshrouded, and holds the key to crafting essential armor upgrades and base decorations. But to get Fabric in Enshrouded can be a daunting task, therefore, we will share with you two methods to acquire it, one of which involves looting the perilous landscapes of the Kindlewastes.

Simply scour the treasures scattered throughout these lands and search for destructibles and chests. Though less predictable than crafting Fabric for yourself, looting offers a passive method to get Fabric in Enshrouded as you explore the vast and mysterious world.

How To Get Fabric in Enshrouded
How To Get Fabric in Enshrouded

How To Make Fabric in Enshrouded From Scratch

For those seeking a more reliable means, there is a way to make Fabric in Enshrouded from scratch. This process begins with unlocking the Loom, which is a vital tool for Fabric production. Here’s how to embark on this crafting journey:

How to get the Loom:

  1. Take on the Hunter’s Quest: Seek out the Hunter and complete their tasks in the Nomad Highlands.
  2. Locate the Weaver’s Cottage: Go to the northern reaches of East Lapis to find the Weaver’s Cottage, which is where the Loom is hidden.
  3. Get the Loom: Go into the depths of the Weaver’s Cottage and get the coveted Loom from its hidden pit.
  4. Set Up Your Crafting Station: Return to your base and place the Loom there.

Enshrouded Fabric Recipe 

With the Loom in place, unlocking the Enshrouded Fabric recipe is the next step. This recipe requires five Linen pieces per one piece of Fabric. Since you will be needing a lot of Linen, as a tip, we recommend you to set up a Flax farm to have enough of material for your Fabric production.

Once you have enough of Fabric, you can use it in crafting Padding, which is a valuable material for end-game gear crafted by the Hunter. You should also stockpile Fabric wisely, as it is essential for crafting high-tier armor sets and ensuring your survival in the treacherous world of Enshrouded.






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