How To Make Apps Open Faster On Your Mac, Use Less Memory On Low RAM Macs

Not all Macs are created equal. Not every Mac comes with the RAM needed to open and run a dozen RAM-hungry Mac apps.

If your Mac is older, or short or speed-inducing RAM, there’s a utility to help you reduce memory usage and start up apps faster. All you need is any recent 64-bit Intel-powered Mac, or even a G5-powered PowerPC Mac.

Faster Starts, Lower Memory, Low Cost

In tough economic times may have to extend the life of our Macs. Not everyone can afford the latest and greatest Mac that’s loaded with lots of app-crushing RAM.

If you want to open apps faster, run more apps at the same time, but can’t upgrade to the newer, faster Macs with more RAM, there’s an app for you.

SixtyFour is one of those rare Mac apps that help you keep your Mac longer, even when today’s apps are 64-bit and require much more RAM than Macs of just a few years ago.

What SixtyFour does is simple. It opens Mac apps in 32-bit mode, instead of 64-bit mode.

Apps running in 32-bit mode usually open faster on your Mac, and they take up far less RAM than 64-bit apps.

When you open SixtyFour it gives you a list of all the 32-bit and 64-bit apps on your Mac. Check those 64-bit apps you want to run in 32-bit mode, and you’re good to go.

Even on older, PowerPC-based Macs (certain G5’s only), the result is that apps use less RAM, and usually start up faster. On Intel-based Macs the reduced startup time and lower RAM requirements are notable.

SixtyFour is simple to set up and use. In most cases, SixtyFour works well with Macs running OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion. That means you can keep your Mac running longer, but running better.

Apps will be displayed in SixtyFour only if they’re 64-bit apps that can run in 32-bit mode. 32-bit only apps won’t be listed, and neither will Java apps.

What’s the difference in performance between apps running in 32-bit mode vs. 64-bit mode? On older Macs, or Macs with less RAM, not much and probably not noticeable.

Apps on newer Macs with plenty of RAM may notice slower performance. SixtyFour is aimed more at extending the life and improving performance of older Macs or Macs with less memory.






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