This Clever Mac Utility App Is A Solution In Need Of My Problem

Thanks to a little OCD gene I can state unequivocally that ‘I hate clutter.’ That’s why I like window organizers on my Mac’s screen.

The fear of clutter also extends to my Mac’s Desktop and Documents folder, both of which are clean, neat, categorized, and organized. How do I do it? Tedious, time consuming effort. Is there a better way that doesn’t require so much effort?

My Problem, Solved

As I get a bit older I recognize that each day has only so many minutes, and my life has only so many days left, so I’m putting my OCD gene to work on a problem we all have.

If you’re like me, then you want more time, less effort, and that means becoming a bit more efficient when using your Mac.

Folder Tidy is one of those tools that Mac folks with a touch of OCD can appreciate.

Think of all the clutter of files and folders than inhabit your Mac’s Desktop during the day. They need to filed away, but that’s a tedious, time consuming– albeit drag and drop– process.

Folder Tidy is the easier way to grab a stack of files and have them sorted, sifted, and put away where you want with a simple click.

What you want is a pile of files to be neatly sorted and stored in a folder.

Folder Tidy

Who do you get to that point? What does Folder Tidy do?

It requires a little upfront organizing so Folder Tidy knows where to put specific types of files. Those are rules you create in Preferences.

Rules can be simple or complex, but once they’re setup Folder Tidy moves files and folders where you want, and how you want.

Folder Tidy Preferences

Rules let you choose what types of files to tidy up, which files and folders to ignore during a tidy process, and where the files and folders go.

Once the rules are set then Folder Tidy moves files and folders from wherever to wherever you want, regardless of how messy they were in the beginning. It even organizes files into sub-folders.

I acknowledge that not every Mac user has a disorganization problem with files and folders, but for those of us who do, Folder Tidy saves time, and there’s only so many minutes left in my life and I want to capture them and use them for more than mucking around files and folders.






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