What Your Mac Can Teach You About Tying A Tie The Right Way

My ability to select a sophisticated, trend-setting computing platform is not matched by my ability to dress like I’m an advertising spread in Gentleman’s Quarterly. And I live in the fashion capital of the world.

Our Paris residence is near the center of fashion, the home stylish suits and ties with flare, elegant dresses and fetching heels. If it were not for my wife’s deft talents at tying a tie in reverse, every shirt I wore in public would be topped with some kind of retarded sailor’s boating knot.

Your Mac Is A Style Making Machine

My Mac to the rescue. Not only is a Mac and an internet connection a good way to shop for styles, it’s a good way to get tips on how to dress.

Take my ties. Please. They’re stylish, expensive, and a requirement in business here.

It’s just that tying a tie is a bloody pain.

The best 99-cents my wife has spent on my wardrobe (try buying anything to wear in Paris for 99-cents) is TieSight.

All that’s needed to tie a perfect tie is TieSight, your Mac, and the Mac’s iSight or FaceTime camera. It’s the perfect knot, tied perfectly, every time.

And it’s drop dead easy and almost fun. First, select the knot style you want.

Then, look directly into your Mac’s camera and follow the on-screen, step-by-step instructions.

TieSight gives you complete control over the tying process so you can see yourself and the instructions, one-by-one.

Choose a Manual Control for the step-by-step, or use Noise Recognition to tell TieSight you’re ready for the next step so your hands don’t need to use the mouse.

There’s also a Timer Control but it would be nice to have some kind of correctly or incorrectly tied visual recognition feature, too (click any image above for a larger, pop up version).

If tying a tie’s knot is not your forte, then TieSight will be the best 99-cents you’ve ever devoted to your wardrobe.

The Classic tab gives you Windsor, Pratt, Four Hand, and Half Windsor. Any of those will keep your out of the Hall of Shame.

The Advanced button gives you Small Knot, Saint Andrew, Victoria, Plattsburgh, Cavendish, and Balthus. Those may be more high society but they’re much better than my normal knots which vary from Carrick Bend to Rolling Hitch, or Reef to Bowline.






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