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Best Base Locations in Palworld

Palworld is like a gigantic playground, and you get to decide where you want to build your dream base. But not all places in the game are the same, so we’ve created this guide to help you pick the perfect spot for your base and give you some juicy tips. You’ll learn about the best base locations in Palworld, which Pals to recruit for your dream base, and some cool base design ideas to make your Palworld base truly epic.

The Best Palworld Base Locations – Our Suggestions

If you want to find the best spots to build your base in Palworld, then look no further. Below, we’ve handpicked the best Palworld base locations so, whether you’re just starting your adventure or you’re a seasoned player, our suggestions offer a perfect blend of defense, resources, and natural beauty.

Best Palworld Base Locations
Best Palworld Base Locations

1. The High Mountaintop Base:

If you’re up for a real adventure, aim high and target the mountaintop at (305, -43), southeast of the Sealed Realm of the Swift. It’s a bit of a trek, but once you have a mount with wings, you’ll feel like the ruler of the world. Raiders will struggle to climb the mountain, while you’ll be basking among forests, mountains, and a stunning lake that cascades into a breathtaking waterfall. This spot isn’t just secure – it’s a slice of paradise.

2. The Ultimate Mining Base:

The mountaintop at (190, -40), and northeast of the Sealed Realm of the Guardian is another location for the best Palworld base. When your main base reaches Level 15, this becomes your go-to location for your third and final base. It’s nearly raid-proof thanks to its lofty elevation. While the terrain is a tad rugged, the wealth of Ore and Coal more than compensates for it. Establish a mining base here, and you’ll be churning out Refined Ingots like there’s no tomorrow.

3. The Castle Near Fort Ruins:

The ancient castle, at coordinates (190, -383), right next to the Fort Ruins fast travel statue, is a perfect Stronghold. It might not be the largest piece of land you’ve ever seen, but it’s a strategic gem. The robust stone walls are a nightmare for raiders, guiding them into narrow passages where you can easily defend your base. Surrounded by lush forests and rocky outcrops, you’ll never run out of wood and stone. And if you venture southwest down the valley, you’ll hit the jackpot with valuable Ore deposits.

4. The Ore Farming Plateaus:

The twin plateaus at (10, -522), directly southwest of the Small Settlement, are a haven for Mid-Game enthusiasts. This location is perfect for establishing a secondary base. With plenty of flat land and an abundance of valuable Ore deposits, you’ll be swimming in resources. Don’t forget to build a handy staircase connecting the two plateaus – your Pals will appreciate the easy commute!

5. The Plateau Base:

For those who love a breathtaking view, don’t miss the plateau at (157, -395), just a short journey southwest of the Fort Ruins. It’s a bit of a climb, but once you have a flying mount or a trusty Grappling Gun, you’ll ascend effortlessly. The best part? Invaders will have to toil their way up, while you enjoy a game of tower defense with your top-notch archery skills. This plateau is also an Ore-rich paradise, with deposits replenishing daily, making it an ideal mid-game basecamp.

How to Find the Palworld Best Locations For a Base

Feeling a bit puzzled about where to create a base that’ll make everyone in Palworld go “Wow!”? Don’t fret, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to find the Palworld best locations for a base that is not just a fortress but a piece of paradise too!

Firstly, we recommend you to look for those vast, flat areas on the map, as they are perfect for building a base from the scratch. If you can grab a spot on a hill or close to narrow pathways where pesky enemies have to squeeze through, you’re still hitting the jackpot. These natural features are like built-in bodyguards, guiding any potential troublemakers right into your cleverly designed traps.

But even if those prime spots are all taken up by early birds, don’t break a sweat. Palworld is brimming with fantastic places to call your own. Just remember, you’ll want a place that’s not too far from Ore and Coal – they’re the essential ingredients for all your building and crafting adventures.

Palworld Best Base Tips

Building your Palworld best base calls for some golden advice on crafting the most efficient and stylish home for your Pals:

  • First off, make sure you create organized zones within your base, like crafting corners, sleeping quarters, and farming fields. Think of it as establishing different “departments” to keep everything tidy and accessible.
  • Next, thinks about clever storage solutions and position storage chests right next to your production structures. Your trusty Transporting Pals love efficiency – they’ll choose the quickest route to drop off items, so make their job a breeze!
  • Embrace Simplicity and keep it straightforward. Your Pals should move from point A to point B without navigating an obstacle course as simplicity equals speed and efficiency.
  • Build walls, but only where they’re truly necessary, and save them for encircling your base. Inside, you’ll want room for expansion and all the epic structures you’ll build as you level up.
  • When it comes to defense, think height. Position your mounted weapons strategically so they have clear views of chokepoints, and ensure your Pals stay safe from direct attacks.
  • Upgrade as soon as you can. Start with wood, but as soon as you can, level up to stone and metal. Unlock Stone Structures at Level 18 and Metal Structures at Level 30. Wood may look cozy, but you don’t want your base to become a blazing bonfire if things get fiery.

Palworld Best Base Tips
Palworld Best Base Tips

How To Move Your Base in Palworld

If you’ve discovered new horizons and dreamy locations that you want to call a home, can you move your base in Palworld to a new spot? Absolutely! In fact, this is your chance to explore new locations in Palworld, and create new memories. First, however, you need to dismantle your current base, reclaim all the materials used to build it, and then use these resources to construct a brand-new base at a different location. So when wanderlust strikes, embrace the opportunity and move your Palworld Base with the following steps:

  1. Relocate Your Pals: First, move all your Pals from your current base into the Palbox storage.
  2. Prepare Storage Chests: Build Wooden Chests at both your old and new base sites. These are like moving boxes for your resources. You’ll need Wood and Stone to make them.
  3. Dismantle Your Old Base: Use Disassembly Mode to take apart your old base and get back all the resources you used.
  4. Pack Up Your Materials: Load your inventory with resources from your old base and store the rest in Wooden Chests. These chests keep your belongings safe during the move.
  5. Travel to Your New Base: Use the Palbox or a flying mount to travel to your new base location.
  6. Transfer Your Supplies: Unload your inventory into Wooden Chests at your new base. Then, shuttle back and forth between the two bases to transport all your resources.
  7. Dismantle Your Old Palbox: Once everything’s moved, dismantle your old base using the map.
  8. Rebuild at Your New Location: Construct a new Palbox at your new base and start rebuilding. Don’t forget to release your Pals from storage to keep an eye on things!

How To Find The Best Base Pals in Palworld

Finding the best base Pals for your Palworld base is like assembling a dream team for your very own adventure! Each Pal has its own special skills and personality, so you need to choose wisely to create a bustling community in your base.

Starting out, you’ll want Pals who are like eager interns, ready to pitch in and handle basic tasks like planting, mining, and moving stuff around. Look out for friendly faces like Lamball, Cattiva, Lifmunk, Foxparks, Pengullet, and Tanzee near the Rayne Syndicate Tower – they’re easy to find and eager to lend a hand.

As your base grows, and you tackle tougher challenges, it’s time to level up your workforce. Seek out Pals who have mastered their craft – they work faster, smarter, and bring in more resources. These pros are like the seasoned experts you bring in to keep your base humming along smoothly while you focus on big crafting and building projects.

While it might seem tempting to recruit Pals who can do a little bit of everything, like Penking, they can sometimes get distracted by too many tasks. Instead, aim for Pals who are experts in one field – they’ll stay focused and help your base thrive as you embark on your Palworld journey!

Best Base Pals in Palworld
Best Base Pals in Palworld

This table displays the essential skills required for managing a base effectively, along with the Pals who are most proficient in each skill.

Skill NamePal Name
KindlingJormuntide Ignis
Generating ElectricityOrserk

If you have a Mac and want to join in the fun, explore our free guide detailing how to play Palworld on Mac.






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