Command and Conquer Remastered

Command and Conquer on Mac

If you’re a Mac user who’s been longing to play the classic real-time strategy game Command and Conquer, you’re in for a treat. In this article, we’ll explore how to play Command and Conquer on your Mac, including various versions of the game like Red Alert. So, let’s jump right in and get started on your journey to becoming a master strategist!

Is there Command and Conquer for Mac?

The good news is that there are Command and Conquer games for Mac users. Over the years, several of the Command and Conquer games have been released on macOS, including Command & Conquer: Generals and Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. However, older titles in the series, like the original Command & Conquer and Red Alert, included in the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, were not natively released for Mac. But fear not! We will cover how to play these games on your Mac later in this article.

Is there a Red Alert Mac version?

As mentioned above, there is no native Command & Conquer: Red Alert Mac version. However, there are several ways to enjoy this classic game on your Mac, thanks to cloud gaming and virtualization software. We’ll discuss these options in the upcoming sections.

Can you play Command & Conquer on Mac?

Yes, you can play Command and Conquer on Mac. For the games that were natively released on macOS, such as Command & Conquer: Generals and Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, you can purchase and install them directly from digital distribution platforms like the Mac App Store, Steam, or

For older Command and Conquer titles, like the original game and Red Alert, which are reworked in the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, you’ll need to use additional tools or methods to enjoy them on your Mac. Keep reading to find out how!

How to play Command and Conquer on Mac

If you’re a fan of the game and looking to play Command & Conquer on Mac, there are a couple of options available to you. One option is to use cloud gaming solutions like Boosteroid and Geforce Now, which allow you to stream the game directly to your Mac. This approach requires a stable internet connection, but it’s an easy way to get started with the game.

Alternatively, you can choose to install a Windows operating system on your Mac using specialized software like Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant. This approach requires a bit more effort and technical know-how, but it will give you access to the full PC version of the game, along with other Windows-exclusive titles.

Regardless of which option you choose, the first step is to get the game itself.

Once you have it, you need to select a method to play in order to able to experience the thrilling gameplay and intense strategic battles that have made Command & Conquer a beloved franchise for over two decades.

Boosteroid is an independent cloud gaming platform that integrates all major vendors to its service and excels in adding support for the latest titles before other platforms. Read our review on Boosteroid. Look at our Boosteroid list of games.

Editor’s choice: we recommend Boosteroid as a starting point for most Mac users because of its plug-and-play nature and overall performance. It is especially useful for its constant 60 FPS even on modern titles while not causing your Mac to overheat or requiring tens of gigabytes of storage.

Features: Constant 1080p/60 FPS; Stable connection; Low bandwidth requirements (15 MBPS); Huge gaming library with all the latest AAA titles

GeForce Now is the most well-known cloud gaming service at the moment, and it also has the biggest gaming library out there. Additionally, this is the only cloud gaming service that currently features a free option.


  • A free (albeit limited) subscription plan.
  • Ability to play with 4K and 120 FPS and use RTX technology with its Ultimate plan.
  • Supports upwards of 1500 games.

Parallels is the best Windows virtualization tool available for Mac. It lets you create a Windows 10 or 11 Virtual machines directly in macOS and then use the VM to run a variety of Windows-compatible software, including games.


  • Provides you with Windows OS functionality without the need for a separate Windows installation.
  • Easy to set up and doesn’t take much space.
  • The only option to get Windows on an Apple Silicon Mac.

Boot Camp Assistant is a built-in Apple app that comes pre-installed on Intel-based Mac models. With its help, users can install the Windows 10 OS in a separate partition on their Macs. Booting from that partition allows the Mac to function exactly as a Windows PC and lets it run all compatible software.

Note: Not available for Apple Silicon models.


  • Provides native Windows 10 experience.
  • Allows running all Windows-compatible programs and games as long as the Mac’s hardware can support them.

Command and Conquer Remastered Review

Command and Conquer is a classic real-time strategy game that has been around for over two decades. It was first released in 1995 and has since undergone many iterations, with the latest one being Command and Conquer Remastered Collection, which was released in June 2020. In this article, we will be taking a look at this latest version of the game and what makes it a great addition to the gaming experience on Mac.

Command and Conquer Remastered

Graphics and Sound

The first thing that stands out about Command and Conquer Remastered Collection is the improved graphics. The game has been remastered in 4K with enhanced textures and improved lighting effects, giving the game a modern look while still retaining its classic charm. The game also features new animations and cutscenes, which make the game feel more immersive.

The game’s sound design has also been improved, with the inclusion of re-recorded soundtracks and new sound effects. The game’s iconic music has been re-recorded by Frank Klepacki, the original composer, and the result is a fantastic update to the game’s classic sound.


The gameplay in Command and Conquer Remastered Collection is just as fun and addictive as it was in the original game. The game features two playable factions, the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod. Each faction has its own unique units, buildings, and strategies, making the game feel fresh and exciting each time you play.

The game’s campaign mode features over 100 missions, with each mission having its own unique objectives and challenges. The campaign mode is a great way to get started with the game, as it teaches you the basics of gameplay while still being challenging and fun.

The game also features a multiplayer mode, which allows you to compete against other players online. The multiplayer mode is where the game truly shines, as you can put your skills to the test against other players from around the world.

User Interface

One of the biggest changes in Command and Conquer Remastered Collection is the user interface. The interface has been updated to be more modern and user-friendly, with new features such as improved unit selection and the ability to queue up multiple unit commands.

The game also features a map editor, which allows you to create your own custom maps and scenarios. This is a great feature for those who want to create their own unique gaming experiences.

Mod Support

Another great feature of Command and Conquer Remastered Collection is mod support. The game comes with a built-in modding tool, which allows players to create their own mods and share them with others. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the game, as players can create new units, buildings, and even entire campaigns.


In conclusion, Command and Conquer Remastered Collection is a fantastic addition to the gaming experience on Mac. The game’s improved graphics and sound, combined with its addictive gameplay and modern user interface, make it a great game for both fans of the original game and newcomers alike. The inclusion of mod support also adds a whole new level of customization and replayability to the game. If you’re a fan of real-time strategy games, then Command and Conquer Remastered Collection is definitely worth checking out.






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